Information report on the use of cookies by the website

To improve the present and future use experience of this site ( we use cookies.
A cookie is a small text file that a site saves on the computer or on the mobile device of the user who is browsing. Thanks to cookies, the site recalls actions and preferences expressed (such as reserved areas authentication, selected language, or other display settings) so that the user does not have to re-enter them when he returns to the site or browses between a page and the other. Cookies are also used to verify the visits made by new or past visitors and to store some anonymous and non-personal information relating to their pages browsing (input, output link, page browsing, stay times, etc.).

By using the site, by clicking on any link or by scrolling through the pages (by scrolling), the user agrees to install on his device "proprietary" and "third-party" cookies indicated in the "cookies list" below.
By disabling the save of all or some cookies, the ease of browsing of the site (or some sections of it) could be compromised or limited by the lack of functionality.

Types of cookies

Cookies differ according to their duration, the domain that installed them, and their function.


- Session cookies
These are temporary files that are stored until the site is abandoned (or the browser is closed).

- Persistent cookies
These are files that are stored and maintained even after leaving the site and closing the browser. They are only deleted after the expiry date indicated in the cookie itself.


- Proprietary cookies
These are files that are installed on the user's device directly from the site he is browsing.

- Third Party Cookies
These are files that are installed from external sites, through the integrated code in the pages of the site you are browsing. Examples of third-party cookies are those installed by social networking plugins (for content sharing) or visit cookies.


- Indispensable "technical" cookies
They are essential for the proper functioning of the site pages. Without these cookies some functionalities may be compromised and access to content may be limited. For example, they allow to track the authentication carried out by a user or a site administrator. Such cookies do not collect any personal information of the user.

- "Technical" functionality cookies
These are cookies used to store the choices made by the user to improve navigation (eg language, or to pre-compile a form with the previously used name). This kind of cookies may include personal information (such as the username). Without these cookies some features and browsing may be compromised.

- Performance cookies
These are cookies used to understand: whether users are new or coming back, how they use the site, how they move among pages, how long they stay on pages and on the site, from what geographic area they reached the site. Data does not identify the user as a person, but they are aggregated anonymously by the analytical tools. The deactivation does not compromise in any way the features offered by the site.

- Social networking widget cookies
Some widgets made available by social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc.) can use their own third-party cookies. The deactivation does not compromise the use of the site, except in sections where widgets can be installed (eg for video or maps integration) and in some cases the possibility to quickly share content or to comment on some areas of the site. This site DOES NOT use cookies of this type. Videos from YouTube and inserted on the pages of this site have been integrated by using the domain in order to avoid installing third-party cookies from that service. Cookies are installed at the start of the video.

- Profiling / Advertising Cookies
Advertising cookies are installed to show the visitors of the website content related to their preferences. They can then be used to show advertising content aimed at the person's interests. Cookies of this type work in collaboration with third-party’s sites and can track the passed browsing on pages on different domains. Such cookies track usually the user's IP address as well as other information, some of which may be personal.

Google Analytics
Our pages use Google Analytics third-party’s performance cookies (service provided by Google, Inc.) to allow us to collect anonymously and examine the behaviour of the visitors while using the site and to improve its usability and experience in the use. Through the use of the Google Analytics panel, we can see if visits have been made by new or returning visitors by checking the mode of browsing the pages (input link, output, pages browsing, stay times, geographic origin, etc). The Google Analitycs service has been set up to use anonymised data in advance with the anonymizeIp function, so that the last part of the visitor's IP address is hidden. For further information relating to Google Analytics, it is possible to visit the sites:

You can disable the action of Google Analytics through the tools provided by Google. For further information consult the site:

Management and deletion of cookies

To disable the use of all or just some of the cookies, it is necessary to change the browser’s settings (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.). Usually, browsers are pre-set to accept cookies, unless they are configured differently by the user.
It is possible to ensure that the browser blocks some or all of cookies, or that it sends a message to the user before installing a cookie. For convenience, we list the links to the cookies management for most popular browsers:
Chrome Firefox Explorer Opera Safari.

List of cookies used

The following list defines the cookies we use and what information they contain.

Cookie policy management

The cookie stores the expressed acceptance about the use of cookies by the site. -wp-settings-X / wp-settings-time-X (if the site was developed with wordpress) (X indicates a number that may vary)
These WordPress cookies have no impact on the user’s browsing experience and do not contain personal information. They contain information relating to the geographic location of the visit and they can be used to change the display language of the site's content. Used when a site administrator logs in.

- wordpress_XXX (if the site was developed with wordpress) (XXX indicates a session code)
The cookie is used to store information relating to the user’s authentication on the site, making it more convenient and quicker to use. Used in case of login of a site administrator or user.

- wordpress_logged_in_XXX (if the site was developed with wordpress) (XXX indicates a session code)
The cookie is responsible for storing the user’s authentication status. Used in case of login of a site administrator or user.

- __ga
It is used to distinguish between user and session. The cookie is updated whenever the data is sent to Google Analytics.

- __gat
It is used to manage requests made to Google Analytics.

- Facebook Pixel cookie
It allows to monitor conversions that occur on the Website as a result of advertisements posted on Facebook. The cookie informs Facebook every time a user has visited the pages of our site. Facebook compares the event with the group of people to whom the advertisement was shown or who clicked on it, in order to provide us with information that helps it to understand the return on the investment of the advertising expense. We do not use this cookie for the purpose of profiling the person concerned but only for statistical purposes. For more information, please refer to the Facebook Privacy Policy. Note: Third- party cookies may change name, increase or decrease number at any time and without notice by the third party vendor.

Changes to this Cookie Policy

This cookie policy may be subject to changes over time (for example, variations to the regulations, or the introduction of new services offered by this site) therefore we call upon users to verify the changes by consulting this page periodically.